Maybe we should do something about that.

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He is at his office.


Are my clothes already dry?


The principal of our school is an American.

Everybody else looks worried.

Perry lived in Boston for 30 years.

Can I help you, sir?

It was an act of God.

Do you see them anywhere?

His story was published in a magazine.

Monica made me hurry.

Brian didn't want to talk about that over the phone.

Do you want to hold my baby?

Spudboy is lying motionless on his bed.

Look at the big shot.

My father, in his infinite wisdom, has forgotten to bring the tarp again.

We talked about food prices.

Everybody here seems to know you.

I permitted Jorge to camp in our backyard.

"What sort of a duck are you?" they all said, coming round him. He bowed to them, and was as polite as he could be, but he did not reply to their question. "You are exceedingly ugly," said the wild ducks, "but that will not matter if you do not want to marry one of our family."

She jumped into her car.

I'll bet you a silver dollar.

I just want you to have it.

Axel is a goner.

Lana was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2013.

She knows the art of making money.

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They prepared to go abroad.

We're being paranoid.

Kris abandoned the plan.

Spiders scare me.

It's been a bad week for him.

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You play golf? What's your handicap?

Ken's team is likely to win.

We're trying to impress Cristopher.

I am a sensitive person, you know.

I suppose I could ask them.

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He's rich, but unfriendly.

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You should take up golf.

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Vick relocated.

Casualties are said to total up to 1,000.

Every time I see this photo, I think of my father.

I'm Hwa's son.

Can I have a minute with you?

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At today's meeting almost everybody backed my plan.

I love traveling.

Alfred chopped down the branch with an ax.

Where is the beach?

Why did you go to Boston?


We know who you are.

The blind nurse devoted herself to caring for the elderly.

That's very comforting.

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I do mean that.

Shyam was a good worker.

I was very glad to see him return.

Nothing is more important than sincerity.

Immobility isn't a recommendable political option.

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Would either of you like anything?

You would've loved Boston.

Upon arriving at the airport, he said, "I'm glad I could come back."


He was married and settled down.

Sometimes Spenser cares so much about Trang that he leads her to believe he is being overprotective.

I hope that Judith wasn't mistaken.

Bart isn't going to shoot me.

Looks like I might have to burn the midnight oil tonight.

Do I need a tie?

Trevor hasn't complained about anything recently.

I won't let you take them.

The bathtub was filled with hot water and flower petals.

Radek isn't up yet. He usually stays in bed until 7:30.

We've done all we can do.

May I take a snapshot of you?

Hughes and Herb are playing tag.

He was never sick.

Go talk to them.

I don't remember my father's face accurately.

I thought you already did that.

When are you going to be done?

I'm much stronger.


There is no cure for nightmares.

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Japan imports most of the energy resources it needs.


God's not dead, He's surely alive. He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion.

Why quit now?

Whatever he told you, it's not true.

She likes French more than German.

Gunter said he liked the movie.

We're going to find Evan.

We all want prices to decline.

We must accept the reality.

I always feel pleased when I've finished a piece of work.

That's all I need for now.

Rodger has been gone at least an hour.

I don't know if she still lives there.

Next Sunday we are going to have a party for Mr Oka.

We still have a long way to go and very little time to get there.

We're moving to Boston in a year.

I've got no secrets from Eddy.

Pratap and Lindsay exchanged puzzled looks, wondering what the smell was.

We find comfort in traveling.

My aunt asked me to buy her a music box from Italy.

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Dale thinks it's stupid.

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Whether to translate is a moral choice of the translator. Sometimes things are better to be left alone in the language which produced them.

It reminds me of her.

Mat is watching a movie.

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Alice has a flower in her hair.

Floria helped rescue Blayne.

The household pets were upset at the disruption to their environment, when the painter arrived.

She is getting up a new play.

A student should not lose sight of his own identity.

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Troy promised to meet me last night, but he never showed up.

I'm tied up right now.

You thought I wouldn't notice, didn't you?


No, you don't understand.

I can't help you anymore, unfortunately.

That's OK with Dawson.

He left a window open.

I know what they're going to do.

Please take me to the station.

I don't know what I'm doing here.

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They married when they were still young.

She sat on the empty beach watching the waves roll in one after the other.

The passage illustrates Robinson Crusoe's landing on a wild desert island after his shipwreck.

As Sangho and Benjamin's one-year dating anniversary passed, Bradley's mother began to be cautiously optimistic that a wedding might soon be in the offing.

What should you do if you find a big spider on your bed?

For general amusement, I'm wearing a mini-skirt today.

She is the cutest girl.


Is that as heavy as it looks?

His hands had turned blue because of the cold.

Roland stopped talking as soon as he noticed Edmond wasn't listening anymore.

He is always at home on Mondays.

The problem with this movie is that the violent scenes and the funny scenes are mixed together.


Troy wants to see Heather.

Knute was unwilling to go by himself.

I teach history at the largest high school in town.

Taurus slept like a log last night.

You tell him the truth.


I think you should come and see it.

My hands really hurt.

I really should have called.

Why are we lying to him?

Men want to feel needed.

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Please do not power off or unplug your machine.


Do you really need one more dog?


Well, it doesn't look so difficult to me.


I've bought the groceries, cooked the food, and now I'm waiting for my son to come and eat.


He brought pressure to bear on our decision.

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I would like to buy some cheese.


You're an expert in the field.

I have orders to waste you.

How many faces does a cube have?

When's Piet due back?

Stanislaw and Isabelle aren't coming.

Why did you become a cop?

We need a password to get in.

Japan is on the 135th meridian East.

This person is your slave, right?

Briggs has just returned.

Jennie shouldn't have even been there.

The Diaoyu Islands have been Chinese territory since ancient times.

Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for best actor for his role as Hugh Glass in The Revenant.

He said it as a joke.

Please come back home.


Having never married, he experienced fatherhood vicariously through his nieces and nephews.

He's very nice with her.

I wish I had the will power to stop eating junk food.


Laura and Doug have gone out for lunch.