New Horizons was launched in 2005.

The infant has faith in his mother taking care of him.

I tried to go to the bank, but it was closed.


Varda got kicked by a mule.

Vick asked Roxie if she'd return soon.

I ate myself sick.

This place has unusually large number of subdivisions.

I did all the work myself.

Gary never was very good at math.

Neal saw her former employer at a conference.


David receives a very high salary.

I was surprised to have been selected.

I'd advise you to lock your doors.


The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.


Dispose of the old magazines.

I have brown eyes and black hair.

You've got it wrong.


Stanley said this was to be expected.

He was hard up.

He seems very pleasant.

Galen wasn't prepared for this.

His acoustic peformance rocks.

In order to gain media recognition, sometimes AIDS patients have to push themselves into the public eye.

Some days require more coffee than others.

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I got them to do it.

I cannot wash my car. It's going to rain.

Galen is timid, isn't he?

As the lesson comes to an end, even if the teacher doesn't say a word of "be quiet", "sit down!," the children naturally return to their seats and quieten down.

Cowards die many times before their deaths.

I'm not sure what his number is. You'll have to look it up in the telephone directory.

Textbooks are expensive.


Nora divorced her husband and married Avery.

I don't amuse children.

To make matters worse, her husband died.

The car that I bought hasn't been delivered to me yet.

You used a condom for birth control, right?

No one pays attention to me.

The floor is uneven.

How many horses does Dion own?

If I'm in a pact, so is he.

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We've taken a hit. Trivial damage.

We had dinner at a restaurant with the manager.

It doesn't look like Irving believes us.


Marvin, Donne and John are in the kitchen.

She is quite at home in English.

Could you talk to him for me?

Nguyen had a whole world to discover.

Why would people do this?

They all cried out together.

That's how he got away from prison.

The library is in the middle of the city.

While travelling on the train, I stuck my head out the window, and my cap flew off.


Jinny moved a little closer to see what was happening.

The meeting isn't over.

Do I have cavities?


I took the trouble to write the answers to the comments.

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Don't you recognize that guy?

I think I'm pretty good at that.

I left my passport somewhere.


She acted the part of a fairy.

Do you want to come shopping with me?

Archie got mad at Shuvra.

Please watch Randell for a while.

Why did you dump me?

It's not even a little bit cheap, it's extremely expensive!

I guess a kiss is out of the question.

How did you like the party?

An infidel's greatest defeat is ending up in paradise.

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The fog was so thick that I couldn't see where I was going.

Ms. Tanaka can type, can't she?

Every boy and girl knows him.

Kurt was not impressed.

I'll give you a day to think about it.

In accordance with the public opinion poll of the Gallup university, 44% Americans think the world is younger than 10000 years.

I wrote my name on the paper.

Don't let her into this room.

Bjorne's doing very well these days.


I will take the next plane for New York.

This table has a nice finish.

The plants manufacture complex chemical compounds.

Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.

I can't be something I'm not.

Do you think he still remembers me?

The place was alive with creative young people.


I've decided not to appeal.

In the end, with effort everything will be good.

A year consists of 365 days or 366 days.


This promises to be a great flamewar...now where's my popcorn?

We can't just leave Val here alone.

My life would probably have been hugely different if I had been born a month later.

About 300 people were arrested.

I've wanted to tell you this for a long time: Your cynical jokes are unbearable.

He disappeared, taking advantage of the confusion.

You know what you must do, right?

Danielle tried to get some sleep.

He gave witness to the truth of my statement.

Do you recognize the language that they're speaking?

He hasn't arrived yet.

They felt America's farmers were poorer than they should be.

The thief hit me and gave me a black eye and then ran off.

Srivatsan loves singing.

I want to make a reservation for JAL flight one to Tokyo on May 12.

You should tell Derek why you can't go.

I'm in class on time.

"Sridharan likes Lester." "I think that's obvious to everyone."

I have almost no information about the problem.

I prefer it that way.

You've done what you can.


We went to see a movie with my friend yesterday.

Do you really want to risk it?

He is not going to survive for more than a day.

He doesn't even have a car.

Becky and Shai are very good friends.

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The judgement was against him.

You can reasonably expect her to come.

You don't have any more time.

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We know how to repair computers.

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Those trees hide the landscape.

My grandfather amassed a great fortune in the stock market and then lost it all over night.

I study at a university in Boston.

You don't have to decide right now.

Is this your wine?

What newspaper do you work for?

There's got to be a better way.

I would never in a million years have expected something like this to happen.

I want to learn to dance like you.

I didn't come with her.

I wonder who named this ship.

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Ramon lit a match.

He'll leave in an hour.

Things got a bit hectic.

Aaron doesn't need to go to school tomorrow.

Space may be having fun.

Trees shelter my house from the wind.

Ask Johnny not to wait for me.

It really meant something to me.

Kori walked downwards as much as she could and ended up five stories below ground level.

I'd be very surprised if Diana didn't come to help us.

I have two flowers.

I'm looking for a French penpal.

At first, they didn't believe him.

Diane doesn't often visit us.

Doyle went back to bed.

Please give me a haircut.

I know that he'll call with another price increase.

Pratapwant refused our offer.

Look what happened to us.


The criminal confessed to theft.


Suwandi worked for weeks on that project.


They say we're going to get high winds.

If you can put up with us, put us up.

"Hrmm," mumbled Professor Takeda as he twisted his moustache.

He embraced his son warmly.

There's something up on the top shelf.

He sowed wheat in his field.

It's extremely cold today.

The phenomenon is typical of our modern era.

Come back here, you little brat!


Elwood doesn't seem to be playing with a full deck.

When was the last time you shaved?

I've got to stay on top of things.


Triantaphyllos will love that one.

Why should we help?

How many lifeboats are there?

I have plenty of things to eat in the pantry.

It is bonkers to go out in this weather.


May I run with you?


We haven't been able to interview Leo yet.

She's playing Tetris.

My hobby is to collect old toys.