The car raised a cloud of dust.

I listen to the radio after dinner.

Tai is a trombone player in the school band.

Nobody knows the future.

It is clear that there is no classification of the Universe that is not arbitrary and full of conjectures.

He could write off his work room's furnishing from his taxes.

I never dream. Is that normal?

Hold on to your pants.


This is the worst of all.

Only 29% of boys, but 71% of girls said that they had never played a collaborative online computer game.

My wife and children depend on me.

I like the original better than the remix.

We've made progress.


We were told by him to leave the room at once.

We understand why.

The CEO is very disappointed with the result.

I took a day off.

Does Tomas deserve to die?

What can you do for him?

In medium size stars, after the nuclear fusion has used up all the fuel it has, gravity will pull the remaining material closer together. The star will shrink. It is then called a "white dwarf".

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We became very close.

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I think Luke was speaking French.

I didn't expect to ever see Victor here again.

In judo, technique is more important than strength.

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My work is finished.

I didn't mean to be inconsiderate.

It didn't make sense to me.

They experimented with new ideas and ways of living.

I can't keep pace with your plan.


It was due a week ago, namely on April second.


Somehow I just don't feel like hurrying. I have enough time.

This isn't the first time I've ridden a bicycle.

Her waist is about as wide as one of his arms!

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I don't have all the symptoms.

The dairy farmer died.

That's exactly what they want us to do.


I just thought that you might want to go home and be with your family.

When I tell you 'jump', you jump!

The sea can be a very dangerous place sometimes.

He asserts that she is innocent.

Both Vice and Manny were convicted.

He moved to a warmer place for the sake of his health.

The R.M.S. Titanic was divided into 16 watertight compartments.

I didn't come here for her.

Where did Murray meet his wife?


A bicycle race was held in Nagoya last year.


Couldn't those parts have been replaced?

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Gaziantep was freed from the French occupation in 1921.

My joints ache when it gets cold.

I saw him play tennis.


There was another problem.

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The mother called the children one after another by their name but none of them answered.


His wife whom I met at the station, is very attractive.

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There are about 500 head of cattle on that ranch.

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I only weighed 120 pounds when I was in high school.

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I ought to ask, oughtn't I?

Dorian's smiling face let everyone know that she was happy.

I also recommend to visit at least one city which is usually not visited by tourists.

That used refrigerator was a real dog.

You were about to dump her flat out, weren't you?

I remember reading about a dog that had eaten its owner.

She is really angry.

Slartibartfast couldn't hack it.

The sun is the brightest star.

She must be very happy.

Raghu and Pontus always seem to be fighting.

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The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears.


Sometimes Spenser cares so much about Trang that he leads her to believe he is being overprotective.


This way, please, mademoiselle.

You filled the pitcher to the brim.

The story affected us deeply.

They weren't drunk.

We can get over the problem without difficulty.


I wrote her a letter.

I usually read the newspaper during my lunch hour.

At this rate, it's a matter of time before I get caught.

My favourite colour is blue.

I had a donut and a cup of coffee.


He needs to forget about that woman and his children.

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Before doing that, you need to ask Olof for permission.

Hon says you let it happen.

He was too clever for me and I was done brown.

Your doctor says you're going to be OK.

I can't tell you how bad this makes me feel.

I am so busy that I have no time to spare.

I'll stay close.

I'm sure Those hasn't forgotten his promise.

Were you with them that night?

Real wants to work at the same hospital where Marcos works.

I have never killed nor injured anybody.

My camera is the same as your camera.

She said she would be twenty years old the following year.

Everyone knows these days that tobacco causes lung cancer.

You don't have to explain anything.

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Every day is a gift.

He is a psycho.

He's learning English so he can read the words to his favorite rock songs.


There are lots of clouds in the sky today.


I'm having an extremely hard time with my wife.

We'll have to make do with what we have.

Elaine didn't think you'd understand.

We are looking for it.

She is aware of her beauty.

He is also twelve years old but he is still younger than her.

Murthy can't hide the truth from Hohn anymore.


Everyone was killed.


Pat wants to go to college, but he can't afford to.

I don't owe Celia any explanations.

Everyone can make a difference in the world.

I make no excuses for that.

Where's the key?


Pontus makes a lot of money translating menus for restaurants.

Hirotoshi was clearly disappointed.

Dan had a lot of equipment in his garage.

I have no intention of meddling in your affairs.

A tic-tac-toe match is usually quick.

I was stunned.

How could you forget it?

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Laurianne and the others ran out of the building.

Why are you so upset with Raghu?

Raphael looked up at me.

Urdu is our mother tongue.

The troops fought with Grant against the Confederates.

Is he still alive?

I saw you crying.


We hardly ever see you around here.

Shari just wants to be with Judy.

If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

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Victoria was nice enough to carry my suitcase for me.

Danny doesn't want to go with Frank.

He turned his thoughts toward home.


Do you know how to contact them?

Try to prioritise these things.

I've got to talk to Ravi and Benjamin.

We just happened to be there.

Everyone makes that mistake.

She went into teaching.

You need not worry about her.

Brent didn't feel well, but he went to work anyway.

I am most grateful to you for such an enjoyable evening.


You might want to try working out a bit.

Life starts when you decide what you are expecting from it.

Is there anything we could do to help?

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She didn't mind doing the dishes.

I'm not strong enough yet to go to school.

Is the gas turned on?

I'm looking out for you.

That decision is expected soon.

How much do I have to pay?

I want to drink coffee.


I'm an adult now.

This is happening too fast.

Call her up at three.

Your room is bigger than mine.

She was looking forward to spending time with him.

I've been misunderstood.

Thanks for seeing me.

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The train was so packed that I had to stand up during the whole trip.

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A snowplow tried to keep the highway near Oslo free of snow on Thursday morning.

No, I won't say anything.

The oceans are turning acid.