I stayed home because of the weather.

It goes without saying military discipline is literally rigid.

Shit shot with a gun makes the best freckles.

The cat was basking in the sun.

Show me the photos!

I can't tell you everything.


I know what men are like. They only want one thing.


I don't understand opera.

He came via San Francisco.

Do you have anything next Wednesday?


If I think about an old lady from Osaka, the image of someone wearing clothes with an animal pattern comes to mind.

Murthy was well liked by her classmates, teachers and friends.

This sentence is so hard to say.


You're not bad at this.


Hui advised Richard not to drink too much.

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Peace be with you!

Tell her I didn't read it.

I'm tired. I'm going to lie down.

These shoes are too big for me.

I took to Billie as soon as we met.

She was a member of the Red Army Faction.

I spoke to him on the phone last night.


It didn't seem necessary.


Wawrinka got broken at love in the first game of the third set.

He will get back from school.

She likes the smell of pine trees.

"His father died yesterday." "I have never seen such a man before."

He was able to get work in that town.


They left very early in the morning.

Hans opened the kitchen cabinet.

Welcome to the Wild West.


So far as I know, he is not lazy.

It's not a difficult question.

I'd never ask you to do this if it weren't important.


Maybe I deserve this.

Open up.

I'm washing my hands.

I'm not your son.

Art stared at the floor, not wanting to say anything.

I took a deep breath.

Lester was right not to go there by himself.

I'll go crazy if this keeps on.

I want to do this later.

Come with me, quickly.

Could you please take a picture?

Floyd sat down at his desk.

How many times did Lindsey call?


The time has come to debate the most relevant matters.


Take care of your health.


Venkata isn't fat.

He always was a very haughty boy. His parents didn't seem to mind.

Sedovic reached for the pitcher of water.

You must reply to that letter.

Play the hand you're dealt.

Glynn should get some rest.

Can you come over here and help me?

Let's give that a try.

Why don't we make a blackberry cake?

I'd like to lose a few pounds.

They tried to escape.

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We've been waiting on you.

I'm Neil's boyfriend.

My girlfriend hasn't met my parents yet.

You can't wear skinny jeans if you're not skinny.

Day after day the tabloids titillated the public with lurid details about the president's marital infidelity.

Please tell him it's urgent.

I told you Ricky would be late.

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Jianyun didn't have to eat that if he didn't want to.

Such sports as tennis and baseball are very popular.

Dan was in the special forces and they teach them psychological warfare there.

The baby is sucking his finger.

The higher we climbed, the steeper became the mountain.

Look at what you've done.

He did not die of cancer.

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George is not serious about his study.

What kinds of goods do you sell in your shop?

Nobody likes you.

He is a Newton of our day.

She seems to have known the truth of the matter.

You aren't young.

I don't want to miss the plane.

Matti is the owner of the company.

They had wonderful lives.

Bring your dancing shoes.

Can you turn that down?

January 15 is Interlingua Day, with activities and publicity to spread Interlingua across the whole world.

Courtesy costs nothing.


What an unexpected pleasure!

I didn't want to catch a cold, so I didn't go out onto the street .

"Sedat is not in love with me." "Are you sure?"

Does Belinda have a computer?

Marnix knew where to go.

Quite a lot of rotten apples were in the basket.

People say that Homer was blind.

If you lie to me, I'll know.

Ravindranath is wearing a new pair of shoes.

You are one of the most despicable people it has ever been my displeasure to meet.

Ariel is a veteran.

All intercultural encounters are a win-win for both parties, as they provide an opportunity for learning.

Although people like to focus on the differences, I think that on the whole it's the same.

He has gone to the library.

We lured him away from the company by offering him a much larger salary.

It'd be best if a few more female singers could come.

How have you come?

I kept it locked in my top desk drawer.

Po died in the blast.

Let's eat out tonight!

I'm glad you will visit Tokyo next month.


If I were invisible, I wouldn't have to wear anything.

Do you believe Monty?

He is subject to the criticism of his colleagues.

If it starts raining we'll have to give up on our bike ride.

I like your necklace.

Pleased to meet you.

I'll help you out.

Don't talk to Syun like that.

I'd like to go to Kerry's apartment and talk to him.


He's a dumpster diver.


The drinks were served in coconut shells.

It's nice to be remembered.

I need to get to the hospital.

I was just in the shower.

I don't think it would be wise to do that.

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Let me have a talk with her.


Nils is ignoring you.

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Get upstairs.

I can't gain weight, no matter what I eat.

I think Johann is from Australia.

Human beings are created to create things.

She wants to buy a pony.


I'd like your opinion on this.

May I ask you some questions about your name?

The good news is that you don't have cancer.


Are you really going to London to study?

I gave Novo a huge hug.

Izzy is crouched on the floor, writhing in pain.


Roderick really needs a better nickname.

What colour is your hair?

Is everything where it's supposed to be?


Real learned to braid hair as a girl.

The union has a dominant influence on the conservative party.

I came to know the man who is now my husband through e-mail; from an acquaintanceship started in that odd way before a month had passed we found ourselves resolving to get married.

Finally he was there.

Come on, talk to me.

His relatives took it for granted that they would inherit the bulk of his wealth.

It all happened so fast and then it was over.

Do you smell something?

What did I tell you?

Get out of the way of the TV!

Turkeer was my roommate in college.

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I am running short of memory.


I buried my dog at the pet cemetery.

Sridharan and I have been out of touch with each other for a long time.

It'll take some time, but eventually we'll be able to rebuild.


It's in the cards for her to buy a car soon.

Your mother is in critical condition.

Don't make eye contact.

You're going to be a beautiful bride.

Every preposition has a definite, fixed meaning, but if we have to use some kind of preposition and the sense doesn't tell us what kind of preposition we should use, then we use the preposition "je", which has no specific meaning.

My grandmother told me so.

Ronald helped himself to a cup of coffee and a donut.

Business keeps going from bad to worse.

Can I get anybody coffee?

Panacea and Sonny are brother and sister.

We made camp near the lake.


I don't know him.


The police don't know where the criminals hid themselves.