I found something out about Harold that surprised me.

It's not all that uncommon.

Next time don't give up so easily.

I don't have time to go to the movies.

Chuck and Roxane split a bottle of red wine after dinner.

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She accused him of having lied to her.

Tait finally took off his coat.

You check for a pulse, but find none.

I was born in Tokyo on the eighth of January in 1950.

You've become a thought leader in the whole corporate-governance space.

Belinda will marry Duke off.

I won't even think about it.


The retired judge used to visit prostitutes regularly.

Pablo didn't have enough time to finish his homework.

Brender's body had been stabbed over thirty times.

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Edith doesn't like this idea.

Where's Olof's file?

I can't distinguish him from his brother.

Can we see each other next weekend?

I told you I'm not drunk.

You're falling in love with me, aren't you?

The situation is becoming arduous.


Seen from a distance, it looks like a man.


I have to report this.

These regulations ought to be observed by the students.

It's perfectly harmless.

I think your skirt's too short.

And Helena replied: "Two cakes aren't a lot for me; it would be a lot if it were five or six cakes; but two cakes are very few."


The store happened to be crowded yesterday.

I don't miss home at all.

I have a bit of bad news.

We limit baggage to ten kilograms each.

Bryce is holding Darin in his arms.

I think it's highly unlikely that Randolph will ever face criminal charges.

I believe you both know Knut.

Mosur said he didn't want anything from me.

That's an unusual request.

I swam.

He is endowed with unusual ability in mathematics.

Kaj is being very cooperative.

What you said is correct.

She traveled round Japan.

Al, can I speak to you alone, please?

The traffic is bumper-to-bumper during rush hour.

From this point, we must proceed with caution.

You talk too much.

Spass doesn't know what Trevor wants him to buy.

I'm so unimportant and insignificant.

Oh, that surprised me! Try not to make such loud noises.

The last time I saw Masanobu he didn't look too well.

After 125 years of development it's clear: Esperanto is more than just a language.

It seems that I often see mean and disparaging behavior towards individuals on the net.

She could have resisted more aggressively if she'd wanted to.


I don't want them to get angry.


This is the main street of this city.


I tried to keep in with her in vain.

I'm going to go visit my uncle tomorrow.

Is today really Monday?


I hate to believe it.

I've found this website to be extremely useful.

Harvey seems hungry.

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Bobbie is single, isn't he?

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Have you ever flown in a blimp?


I owe what I am to my father.

Lowell sabotaged Dale's car to prevent her from leaving the farm.

It is very cold today, isn't it?

This work isn't easy.

I'll talk to him later.

She shared her book with her neighbor.

What's the matter, love?

I know it's cold.

That man is notorious as a gambler.


There are many things that a man should never do after he gets married.

Everyone but Jim came.

When your resources are limited, you have to prioritize.

He is accused of kidnapping.

I'm so overworked.

They are not much different in character from each other.

Your friend Jeff was here a few minutes ago.

What are you saving up for?

For better or for worse, television has changed the world.


She wasn't polite to him.


Piotr might not want us to help him.


There were no bounds to his ambition.

Glynn hurt Donovan's feelings.

Cut it short all over.

Dwayne is a fun guy to be around.

Do you see that man over there?

I want to thank you for coming here.

Get him out of my sight.

John felt like there were ghosts in the dark room.

I know why Pilot resigned.

I don't quite know how it happened.

I found a stack of old National Geographic magazines at my parents' house.

Please get out of the kitchen.

Nathaniel is playing it cool.


We have the opposite problem.


Piotr asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend.

I'm engaged to Laurie.

Give me that other box.

Joyce's truck was stolen.

What gets me is having to do the same boring job, all day every day.

I've never trusted Michelle.

It's a gamble.

Does that seem strange to you?

Tricia ate some food, drank some beer, and then went right to sleep.

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How do you say "blog" in Latin?

We can't sleep because of the noise.

I want to see it for myself.

The rain stopped at last.

You should be in charge.

I feel like I was born in the wrong era.

Alberto doesn't need to come so early next time.


Helen blushed at their praise.


This CD is mine, isn't it?

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What's all the fuss?


This is what I love.

Some say the beauty is more important than virtue.

Rand does crap work.

That was discouraging.

He has been living in Ankara for six years.


Will invited Amy to spend the rest of the night at his place.

She was waving good-bye, with her eyes full of tears.

Move along, please.


It could be exciting.

Who wrote it?

I understand you when you don't speak very quickly.


I feel like I let you down.

You're the one that wanted to see me.

I had just put it before you ask me to.

This is a message for you.

The wall separating criminals from non-criminals is not as thick as we think.

Please remember to mail this letter on your way to school.

We pulled the teeth out.

Claudio is just a little bit shorter than you.

You're on my side, aren't you?


Erik doesn't know how to tie a tie.

Some people like danger.

I won't forget that.

Greetings to you.

The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me.

I want you to go with her.

Atom bombs are a danger to mankind.

I won't tell anyone that you're in Boston.

How did it come about?


If there's anything you want to do, you should do it if it makes you happy.

My friends started the trip three days ago.

I really want to be around you.

An emptiness devours my heart.

I have to hurry. I'm falling behind schedule.

Carolyn speaks French like a native speaker.

I want a clear answer.

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Vern loves to argue with people.

I've felt this way for years.

I feel like I could cry.

Don't walk so quickly. I can't keep up.

Tricia is willing to pay Ti whatever she asks for.


I think Jurevis knows why Ed isn't here.

I'm not to blame for everything that has happened.

My dad has a look at the newspaper every morning.


Did Chris confess to killing Elias?

I was just relaxing.

I'm sorry I made you worry.


You used to live in Boston, didn't you?


Saumya and Maria dressed up as the Evil Wolf and the Little Red Riding Hood for Rosenmontag.