She has no understanding of money.

Mr. Shimada works at an osteopathic clinic.

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This is residential property.

All orders must be accompanied with cash.

I must give Nora that.


She is devoted to sport.


The finally got Edward's attention.

Parking was full.

You must have me confused with someone else.

How did you get inside?

If only I could speak English as fluently as you.

This material is not suitable for a dress.

You probably don't have as much time as I do.

She comes from Germany.

We're early.

Somebody told me that today's test was identical to the one we had last year.

I must have eaten something bad.

He is always finding fault with the work of his secretary.

Some object to Kris's opinion.

We'll make a restroom stop at the next gas station.

Where are your parents now?

Did you get my message?

I'm looking for textbooks on feminist sociology.

I'll do it for a cake.

I just heard from them.

I can't buy you that dress.

The fact is that he knows nothing about it.


I'd like him to take me home.

Izchak negotiated a new contract.

You can't open it, can you?

It being hard to believe, after allegedly trying to go back to repeatedly inspiring fear using rag-tag groups of suspicious-looking clowns, despite resistance.

Klaus and Christopher care for each other.


It's not a suitable topic for discussion.


What'll you pack?

I don't know if she wants to go with me.

What did Casper put into the bag?

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Izzy gave me something to read.

Janice is milking the cows.

I like the slow rhythm of that song.

I have some advice for you, Amy.

Did you know that the star nearest to Earth is the Sun?

Rudolph and Everett are both good swimmers.

One day, the police raided a whole group of prostitutes, and the girl was among them.

I was just thinking the same thing!

Maybe just a short one.

The only proof was the remains of the semen which had stuck to the underwear.

Why would you tell Donne that?


I think Takao did exactly what he said he did.

Let's see how good a job we do.

Gregor stayed in Boston for two years.

I don't dispute the facts you've presented but only the conclusion you draw from them.

She has a son who is a doctor.


You seem pretty preoccupied.

I won't go with you unless you tell me where we're going.

We carried out the captain's order to the letter.

I'm not really in the mood for pizza today.

They won't speak to Elliot.

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Playing music to me is like reading a book.

The meeting is almost over.

Sometimes he acts quite strangely.

There is more.

How can I make this up to you?

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I don't know how you can keep eating it.

Ruth is still a teenager.

My grandmother was pulling up weeds in her backyard.

It was raining hard, and what is worse, the wind began to rise.

Why do you distrust me?

Apparently, there is nothing that cannot happen today.

I have to know why.

Don't ask.

Most people don't drink enough water.

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I must send for the doctor.


You know this isn't the way we should be doing this.

Does Joseph look like he's happy?

Nils works for his father's company.

Bobby and Ti attended a costume party.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to listen to my opinion.

You are a moron.

Go to the market!


There isn't a place in this market that isn't lively.

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Can you imagine what'll happen if Daryl sees you?

You had better see the doctor.

Who did the decorating?

Why did things change?

I thought I could do it without anybody's help.


People in general have faith in everything newspapers say.

We have a good group of volunteers.

Sometimes, I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can they deny themselves the pleasure of my company?

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Do I really need to be here?


I'll wait up for you.


You like the extreme cold of Alaska, don't you?

Are you going to attend the meeting tonight?

The doctor, who is well off, is not satisfied.


I don't know how it works.

Kylo might object.

Lewis isn't all that tall, is he?

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It would be impossible to estimate how many crimes went undetected last year.


I gave up smoking six months ago.

Serve with vegetables and rice.

Don't depend on others' kindness.

I never wanted all this to happen.

Please step back and keep behind the line.

Is this Canadian money?

Don't say that about her. She's my girlfriend.

I regret not having kept my promise.

Kristin arrived just in time to catch the train.


Hold your tongue, or you'll be punished.

Florian knows how to dive.

They wouldn't understand.

Arne got out of the truck.

Is there such thing as a truly selfless act?

Jim wrote the letter for Betty.

He's become frail in his old age.

Why isn't it here?

A river divides the town.

Just give it to her.

The wife and son of the statesman died three years ago.

I invited a Chinese friend to my apartment.

The apricot trees are in full blossom.


I was in Boston last week.

This website can damage your computer.

Dirk saw some books lying on the ground.


I couldn't let him go.

Harry is an American actor.

Can you stay till 2:30?


He will get back from school.

You look so much like your mother.

Training with them is not a game.

Anyone taller than a mile must leave the court immediately.

Dan turned off the music.


Marsha persuaded his mother to lend him the car for the weekend.


We do that a lot, don't we?

Are you ready to talk to me now?

I no longer wish to be a part of this project.

You have very little choice.

I woke up at six.

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I thought it was all over.

Maybe you should listen.

Mr Potter keeps himself in good condition by going jogging every day.

If you were to compare me to an animal, to which animal would you compare me to?

What club do you belong to?

Winnie caught the thief.

Kristen wasn't so sure himself.

I know Nathaniel was there.

The moment they saw me, they waved.

You are my hero.

It's the logical choice.


The translation isn't possible.


What a queer story!

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Nothing could be done, except wait.

Last year saw a big political change in Japan.

Final Fantasy is not a film, but a videogame.

Before dying, he spent more than a month in hospital.

I'd better go check on him.


I will kill you.

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You're worried, aren't you?


Sonja felt like a fool.


That was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted.

This sticky liquid can be substituted for glue.

"What shall I do?" I said to myself.

We haven't been able to handle this so far.

I think we need to slow down.


However, I am not a specialist.